How will FishScription Work?


Poppa’s FishScription offers fresh, local, non local, and seasonal  seafood straight from fishermen and processers to our community.   FishScription boxes are offered to shareholders in regular or small sizes, weekly, every other week, or monthly for an 8 week commitments.

We use Farmigo to process our new shares.  On Farmigo you will create a unique account, be able to track and make payments, and renew your subscription in a few easy steps!  Commitment and payment are on an 8 week basis. We do this because we need to know how many shareholders to order for.

With Farmingo, you will make a pre-payment for your 8 week committment.  Your subscription will automatically renew when your credit account with Farmingo reaches zero, unless you cancel or change your subscription.

We will accept payment via credit cards, debit cards and shortly will be able to accept echecks.  (sorry at this time we will not be able to recieve payment via American Express or by check.)

Becoming a FishScription shareholder means that you pledge to support Poppa’s Fresh Fish Company in its operations by pre-paying a fee in exchange for a share of the harvested seafood.

You have an interest in Poppa’s Fresh Fish Company’s success! Our FishScription boxes are priced competitively or better than store prices. We’ve eliminated the middle men, fuel costs, and extra packaging, while still able to offer a variety of healthful Seafood. Go Green!

Each box will include a variety of items, and will be at a savings of 20-25%  our regular retail pricing.

Your box will be at the specified pick-up location on the designated delivery dates and time. The box is guaranteed during the pick-up hours. If you or your agent, do not pick up during the designated hours, or make acceptable arrangements for pickup, your box will be donated to the San Diego Food Bank.

You are responsible for making arrangements for your box if you are unable to pick up. Please ask a neighbor, friend or family member to pick-up your box for you. We offer one cancellation per commitment period and require one week notice.

Seafood in the boxes will come from available fresh stocks, and will be subject to what is in season and available, boxes may vary box to box.

All seafood will be fresh unless otherwise specified here:  Wild Salmon will be fresh during wild salmon season, and will be “frozen at sea” wild salmon while out of season.  All clams, mussels, oysters, lobsters, and crabs will be live.  Shrimp and scallops will be frozen unless fresh stocks are available.

Shareholders will be allowed to upgrade or downgrade size of share during commitment period.

Shareholders will choose pickup site for their box pickup.

Some Text provided with permission from Suzies Farm (