What’s A FishScription?

oie_jj6Ukr8qigFZIn order to explain what FishScription is, we must first visit the farmers and talk about CSA. CSA is Community Supported Agriculture. People of a community, believing in the idea of supporting the local farmer’s and investing in that farmer. People of the community purchase shares in the farm, paying in advance, committing to a certain amount of weeks. By doing so, these people enable the farmer to plant, to harvest and to send to market their crops. As a shareholder, you receive that harvest on a weekly or biweekly basis. The shareholder has expressed their belief in the farmer and the farmer has responded with food for the shareholder’s table. Enter FishScription.

FishScription is Poppa’s Fresh Fish Company’s take on the CSA program. FishScription is buying shares in Seafood from a small local company. FishScription is believing in your fishmonger. By purchasing shares and committing to Poppa’s, you are allowing Poppa to invest in the local fishery, you are allowing Poppa to purchase in bulk ahead of time, ensuring a fisherman or a processor that they have a market for their product. Fishscription is available on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis, with an 8 week delivery commitment. FishScription allows you to get the seafood straight from the fisherman and the processors, no sitting on shelves in stores and warehouses. FishScription allows the shareholder to buy in advance and receive discounted seafood, but it is much more than that, to borrow from a local San Diego Farm (Suzies Farms, www.suziesfarm.com):

oie_oOKO7jTN2Ycq“You have to eat to survive. You can’t live without it. It is usually at the center of most celebrations. And you allow us into your home to participate in one of the most intimate and often, dismissed rituals in your life; the action of sustaining your body so that your soul can go out and do the incredible work it needs to do on this planet”

FishScription is Poppa’s Fresh Fish Company supporting you back, we choose the fish, we cut the fish and we pack the fish. If I won’t feed it to my family, I won’t give it to you. Only food fit for us to eat, will make it into your boxes.

We are a small company, we are just a few people trying to make a difference in the seafood that you the consumer gets. We are not and never will be perfect. We will try to do the best we can, so that you will have the comfort of knowing that your seafood was handpicked by us and made ready for you.

Again, to borrow from our friends at Suzie’s Farms (www.suziesfarm.com)

“The Agriculture piece is just the widget.

Understand that every time you make a choice, you are participating in the Community Supported part.
Fill in Agriculture with Education. Or The Eldery. Or Baseball (or FISHSCRIPTION). Whatever fulfills you. Whatever makes you feel like your efforts make a difference.

And then, Make A Difference.”